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Justice and Development Party Pakistan
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Post Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:38 pm 

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You can observe people saying that there is no democratic political party in Pakistan and all political parties are move around one person or his family; further amendment in laws of party in a hand of party leader and that candidate for general election is nominated by Party Leader and not by members; he can expel any member even without any reason.

Until now no Government has finalize or stabilize the state departments, if one government makes a plan and next government always finish plans and starts its own even splitting or merging of different departments for their own purposes, it has been doing for last 60 years.

There is no political party who really tried for the federation of Islamic Nations although there are many bases on which it can be formed.

Every new government when it takes charge; People of Pakistan were informed that there is a shortage of Money so loan is very essential but no government tried to loan to be zero.

Everyone knows that education in Pakistan is being expensive yearly because Government is not spending money in education.

Every government promised that it will end the load-shedding of Electricity; it will strive for low-priced; it will increase the employment; it will give equal status to every people but it has never done.

That is why we formed a new political party with the name Justice and Development Party Pakistan.

Founder of the Party


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